Changing the Dolphin 7.1 Security Settings

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Hello and welcome! In today’s blog I’ll show you how to work with the security (phpids) that comes with Dolphin 7.1. It has been known to generate multiple false positives and block users trying to perform legitimate site functions, so it’s normally a good idea to turn it off.

We’ll start by logging into the admin section of our website. Now click “Settings” on the left side menu. Then click “Advanced Settings” and “Security”. Under this tab you will see two options that need to be set to “-1”. The options are “Breach impact threshold for report” and “Breach impact threshold for report and block”.


Dolphin 7.1 Security Settings

Simply set both those options to “-1” to deactivate this feature completely.

The other options in the area are for the use of “ReCaptCha”. You may sign up for a ReCaptCha account and use it to prevent spam on your contact and join forms.

That’s it, now your members won’t be blocked while trying to everyday things on your site. Until next time happy social networking!

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