cPanel will stop working properly .Some basic problems are

Cpanel hosting Solution

cPanel is the commonly used web hosting control panel which is a simple and easy interface to create E-mail accounts, fully functional domain, child domain, database and file transfer protocol users. Each cPanel account controls the settings for that particular account. Let’s now explore the errors you encounter in cPanel and how to rectify it.

Login Issues

If you are unable to login to cPanel hosting account, try logging by clearing your browser’s cache or cookies try logging from a different browser.

If you are required to log into your cPanel account via your domain

https://server domain:2083


https://server domain/cPanel

There are cases where you cannot open the URL or log in with the right username and password. This happens as the DNS changes are not completely resolved all over the Internet. In this case, you can access your cPanel account at https://IPaddress:2083/

Missing Icon

In some case, the image (Icon) which represents each process and the options in cPanel will not be visible.

In such cases, you can resolve it by running the following script



/scripts/upcp –force


You can check if MySQL is running by using the following command

” /etc/init.d/mysql status ”

If running you will get the following command

” mysqld (pid 837) is running… ”

In order to check the database connectivity from command line use

” mysql -u roundcube -p ”

Use” mysql> use roundcube;” for switching to database

If all tables exist then proceed to repair the database

# mysqlcheck -r roundcube

If database or tables are missing, run the following command

# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube –force


At times, you will have trouble accessing the email present in the Roundcube or other applications. This happens due to the permission issues.

To rectify this, you can run /scripts/mailperm username

In certain cases, negative size appears in email account size for some users in cPanel.

To fix the same run

/scripts/generate_maildirsize -confirm cPanelusername


Quota issues happen depending on your current disk usage and we can set different quota values for cPanel accounts. To fix the quota issues run the below command as root user.

* vim /etc/fstab
check whether the quota is enabled.

* mount -o remount /home
Then remount the /home partition

create a file ” aquota.user ” . To do that we need to run quota check

* quotacheck -c /home

* quotaon /home ==>
Enable quota

* edquota <username> ==>
edit the quota of a user

* /scripts/fixquotas ==>

This solves the quota issue of cPanel accounts.
* /var/cpanel/cpanel.config

When editing quotacache check if quotacache is set to 0 if so try setting quotacache to 1 and see if that fixes it.

Secure Sockets Layer cert expire in less than 30 days

Let’s now explore how to reset your cPanel Secure Socket Layer Certificates on receiving an email notification.

Perform the following steps:

  • Log in to WHM as the root user.
  • Navigate to WHM’s Manage Secure Sockets Layer Certificates interface (WHM >> Home >>Service Configuration >> Manage Secure Sockets Layer Certificates).
  • In the Actions column, click Reset Certificate and make sure your SSL is valid for all the services.

The new expiration date will be displayed in the Certificate Expiration column.

Enable permission to create subdomains of the server’s hostname

Are you attempting to add a subdomain to a client’s WHM/cPanel VPS and getting the error ” You do not have permission to create subdomains of the server’s hostname”

Login to the “WHM” >> Go to “Server Configuration” >> Then go to “Tweak Settings”

Enable the Following option in the “Tweak Settings”

Allow users to park subdomains of the server’s hostname.

Allow users to park subdomains of the server’s hostname: ON

Error: The domain is already pointed

Perform the following steps

==> Tweak Settings ==> Domains ==> Allow Remote Domains==> On ==> Save.


Main ==> IP Functions ==> Configure Remote Service IPs ==> Remote DNS IPs Add the IP addresses of the dns ==> save

1.wrong IP-In this case your domain might be pointing to a wrong IP because of which your cpanel will will not work .To solve this problem you can either make changes to your nameservers and correct it or you can login to your cPanel using your IP like https://ip address or server address:2083 .This will surely help you.

2.Hosting suspension-This problem occurs when your hosting provider company has suspended your website because of the plan expire or some other issue.

3.High load-Sometimes your server might not be able to tackle a high load because of which you cPanel working will be affected.

These are some issues ,to overcome these problems I will recommend you to use RedServerHost ,they will help you overcome these issues by giving 24\7 customer services.

There might be several reasons when you come to say that cPanel is not working.But i will try to list here some of the major reasons why this happens-

  1. Invalid Login credentials– May be while login you might have been doing some mistakes.. so make sure you login with valid username and password.
  2. Pointing towards wrong IP Address– In most of the cases when users points their domain to wrong IP address then cPanel might stop working. So make sure your domain name should point to correct IP address to avoid inconvenience. But still in this case you can login to your cPanel using direct link provided by your service provider.
  3. Error like Your Connection not secure- In this case all you have to do is just click on the advanced tab and just fix it.

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