How to start make money with Android Apps and google


Many of you want to start making money with Android apps but don’t know how. Many of you are thinking that is black magic, secret knowledge in coding to start making money. Wrong! Everyone can make money with Android apps, even you don’t have coding knowledge.

I am not some uber pro, developer guru and making money for 2011, this is my only one income source. In few years made some $800k. Nice for guy, who is not perfect coder. Don’t you think?

Everything you need are: Google Play developer account, Android Studio, source code, ad network.

Google Play Developer account creation
1. Firstly please open some gmail account, old, aged accounts are better for this purpose
2. Go to this adress: and fill all forms
3. Pay $25 for account creation (sadly only credit and debit cards are accepted, in some cases virtual credit cards but in official, these cards will be declined – in India Entropay works)
4. You need to wait few hours for accept, sometimes Google will ask for your ID card, it’s random operation, especialy if you have used some VCC


Android Studio Download
It’s zero coding but we need to open source codes in IDE (Integrated Development Environment), for Android the best and official supported is Android Studio.

1. Go to
and download JDK 8 for your system, install it after download

2. Go to and download Android Studio with SDK for your system. Windows have everything integrated, in Linux it’s separated. We are focusing on Windows or Mac, Linux users are advanced and can figure out it. After package download you can install it.

3. Done, we have Android Studio and we can run it. I strongly suggest you to make some HelloWorld tutorial and get knowledge what is app structure:
-android manifest
-where is java code, where are strings (for example where we have ad network ID later, most of developers are putting it in strings.xml)
This is basic knowledge to learn in one day and allow us to make money with android apps.

4. We can also install Unity3D (it’s for game development) and experiment with unity3d codes, in this short tutorial we are making apps

We need source code now
As we are not developers and we don’t want to code apps from zero, best way is to buy source codes or find some for free.

Best places to buy source code are: CodeCanyon, SellMyApp and Chupamobile.
Best places to find it for free are: GitHub, (be carefull, last page can have some “suprises” in code like all nulled websites). Also community board in my BST have codes to use for non developers. Another place is but attention to not be scammed, buy only from old members.

Now we focus on CodeCanyon:
1. Go to and explore Mobile>Android section, you can find many source codes for Android Studio (avoid old Eclipse versions, if developer not informed if AS, read comments, this also should help you to avoid bad quality codes, read people opinions)
2. What code is good:
-a lot of sales but not more than 100, we don’t want to use code that everyone have
-good comments and ratings
-design we like, many of source codes on CodeCanyon have really crappy design
for example:
this app have a nice design, established developer with good opinions and nice reviews, you can buy it
3. After payment you can download source code, as we see it have integrated by developer:

One Signal Integrated
Admob Integrated
Start App Integrated
4. After download, unzip the code (change folder name to something shorter, idk why but codecanyon is generating very long file names/folder names and it makes problems in Android Studio)
5. Open source code in Android Studio ( do not import, open)
6. Android Studio may ask you to update gradle system, confirm.
7. Android Studio may ask you to install platform, accept it (question will be in text console with clickable link, click on it and Android Studio will install platform
8. Wait few minutes, after Gradle sync and indexing, your project is ready to run
9. To check your project, connect your Android phone to USB, system will ask you to accept debugging, accept it. In some phones you need to activate in settings developer tools>debugging (follow instruction in Google for your phone model). If you not connect phone, Android Studio will run emulator. To run application click Green arrow looking like play button.
10. Wait few minutes for build and you can test your bought source code on device
11. To compile .apk for upload in Play Store, click
12. It will run wizzard to create keystore, it’s very simple, you need to provide few details and password to your keystore. It will make little harder to pirate your app.

We need Android ad network:

In above example developer integrated admob and startapp ad networks. Each ad network have own inventory, ad units, different payment terms, etc. The best thing is that you can experiment as well. In against to web and CPA ad networks, mobile ad networks haven’t any acceptance progress. You can just register, download SDK and use instant without any questions.

It’s ad network from Google, the biggest thing is huge inventory connected with adsense system. Not important if it’s USA or Srilanka, fillrate is always 100%.

1. adress to open account
2. fill the form
3. After registration you can create app and get APP ID
4. In above example, you can just add app id by following developer documentation, after that app will display your apps and make money for you
5. In some cases, admob SDK is not integrated into source code, for example if you have own source code. Admob provides step by step documentation with images how to add it to your application

Ad units used by admob: full screen intersititials, banners and video ads
Payment terms for admob: net30
Payments methods for admob: wire transfer and paypal

Procedure for adding each ad network is the same as admob, however, maybe you need some informations about the most popular ad networks from my own experience. These info are not public, mostly demands reading FAQ after registration or contact AM.

Startapp – the best ad network for blackhaters, they are not checking apps you have. The fill rate is not amazing but enough to cover Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. Ads are well designed and offers more ad units than admob
Payment methods:
1. PayPal (Payment method minimum threshold: USD 50.00. No transaction fees.)
2. Wire Transfer (Payment method minimum threshold: USD 50.00. No transaction fees. 1.9% to 2.5% Currency conversion when choosing different currency than USD).
They pay at the end of the month for the previous month, so basically it’s Net30 payment type.

Ad Units: Splash Ad (big splash banner shown at the beginning of the app), Return Ad (ad shown, after user returns to the app after some period of time), Interstitial Ad (full page ads, with different variants of animations, transitions), Banners, Native Ads (ads to be used within your UI, like an extra item in the results list).

Interstitial Ads are handled in few different ways: as Exit Ads (when user exists the app – do not use it, as it’s forbidden in Google Play), Standard Interstitial and Autostitials (automatically show the ad when activity is changed).

Average ecpm – StartApp has some internal developer ranking system, and developers with poor apps receive worse ad pool. So ECPM can vary from $0.1 to $1.0 depending on your apps. During Christmas it was pretty good, now it’s much worse.

Dashboard update – every hour, but you need to change date range; by default it shows previous days stats only
Fillrate – in my experience, between 60% to 80%

SDK – They have SDK for native Android apps, for Unity and for Cordova(PhoneGap). Required permissions are not annoying for the final user.

Support: preferably email or help form.
ADS Quality: They had a lot of anti-virus ads in the past, but now, since they occupy 3.73% of apps and 2.89% of new installs they’ve managed to gather more quality ad inventory, and their ads are safe in Google Play.


I recommend this ad network, at least for backfill, and not necessarily as a main ad network. I’ve heard some voices that they might ban you for brakeing their policy, but it happens rarily. They have fraud detection systems, don’t be greedy, and just show ads, do not fake impressions/clicks.

Company: Airpush INC
Payment methods: Tipalti (external payment processor allows to instant payments for PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check, ACH). In my experience, I had payments always on time, processed excatly the same day as in their TOS and schedule.
Payment schedule:
-weekly ($600 minimum earned / week) and they activate weekly payments for you automaticaly (every Friday in net7)
-net 45 (below $600 / week), every 15th after 30 days

Ad Units: 360banner (animated banned with video, animated gifs etc. always half screen), smartwall (interesititial with video ads, landing pages, full screen ads, half screen ads – adjust automaticaly), icon ads (prohibited in Play Store), notification ads (prohibited in Play Store), banner ads (very low fill rate).

Average ecpm – depends to your location, usualy $0,70 to $2 max
Dashboard update – every 1 hour
Fillrate – fluctuating, one month 70%, next month 100%

SDK – one generated to one developer, SDK is not unique if you want it to use with multiple account and can generate ban hammers (Prior violations). I suggest you to change package name of SDK with APKtool. SDK is not also modern, requires location permissions.

Support: skype, email and live chat(not always offline).
ADS Quality: very poor, we have antivirus ads, sms ads, russian apk downloading, even sometimes porn (they banned these ads, thx God) but it this trash we have also Mazda, Toyota, Samsung, McDonald, KFC. Hard to review it.


I don’t know what to say more and what is a future of Airpush as they need a solid update. Personaly I’ve earned with them $400 000 in 4 years, so it’s worth to try.
Company: Applovin
Great alternative for admob, nice fill rate and good payment terms

Payment methods: wire transfer and paypal
Payment cycle: net15
Average ecpm: 1,5-5$
Fillrate: 80-90$, however, the best for iOS
Ads quality: top quality, well designed and made by big brands
Support: ticket system, very poor

NOTE: you can’t use is for blackhat!
Company: Facebook
Good for making big money, the best ecpm in the market

Payment methods: wire transfer only
Payment cycle: every month
Average ecpm: $3!!!
Fillrate: 60% ( you need some backfill like admob )
Ads quality: top quality, ads needs to pass strict acceptance progress
Support: ticket system, poor
URL: different for your GEO, type in Google “Facebook Audience Network”

Note: not for blackhat

Note 2: the biggest mistake is that you need first to publish app with facebook SDK and send it to acceptance progress, once you made first app, you can use one app ID in many not approved apps

OK, you are ready to publish your first apps, integrated ads and generated .apk file. Just send it to Play Store.

How to make your app little different and why to do it? Reskin progress.

When you created app, integrated ads and sent it to Play Store, you can have a problem with review. Google can reject your application. You need to make a little reskin. Coding knowledge is not required but you need to have basics about application structure to make your app looking little different for Google Play than few hundreds of devs who have bought code, have.

1. build.gradle file
-change package name, for example com.myduper.hiperapp, remember these keywords are important for ASO and have impact for your installs, need to be also unique in whole play store
for example if you are making music player, make it like that: because for sure, “” is 100% taken

2. Change class names (your package name directory>java files), rename them
if you have for example, click right on file and choose “refactor>rename”, Android Studio in console will ask you to rename all references, accept it. After few seconds you have new name.

You need to do the same with all files, directories, resources(layout files, graphics files). Remember to make backups, ctrl+z is not possible and restoration is not a topic for this tutorial, you are not developer.

3. Change graphics, you can do it with Photoshop, graphics are located in res>drawables folders, it’s good to make your design different

4. Change colors in values>colors.xml and styles.xml (common RGB values)

5. You can also experiment with layout>.xml files but it’s easy to destroy layout, here ctrl+z is possible 😉 for example you can change places of elements

6. Little more advanced, change names of variables, methods, class names inside java files
-select string to change, for example
public void magicmethod()
select “magicmethod”, click Edit>Replace in Path and replace this string, this will change string in all java files and their references automatic.

7. Change icons, they are located in folders res>minmap (all files can have the same resolutions, I recommend 95×95 px, modern android will resize icons, this was invented for older androids like <2.0 sometimes icon can be inside drawable folder with name ic_launcher.png, to check where you have open file AndroidManifest.xml and here you have src 😉 After that you can generate apk and send to play store, watch next tutorial 😉 Source

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