Seo top Google ranking of your website


Seo is most wanted topic today because without seo you can not boost your site in top ranking in search engines. Search engine have many factors for searching query according to people. Some of the common factor for your site should be perfect.

  1. Your website domain should be understandable , and according to topic page.
  2. WordPress site design should be clear and attractive look from which user can like your page.
  3. Site title shout be according to page details and clear as what’s you want to say. Don’t talk other related topic.
  4. Use internal link of the site related to words as my topic is “seo for Google 1st page ranking” Then I will add link on seo of other page from which user can stay on site more time from which my site bounce rate will be decreased.
  5. You can use some plugins in your sites for seo as pagespeed, seo, image optimization, auto optimization,
  6. You can use cloudflare for make fast websites. Cloudflare is best for all sites. Cloudflare is free 🆓 and paid version also. Cloudflare also provide ssl, optimization, caching, dns, pagespeed, analytics etc.
  7. You need to check site speed on Google pagespeed section.
  8. Don’t use more plugin in WordPress.

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