PHP Functions which help hackers to hack your server ​

I am listing below some PHP Functions which you should keep disabled if you dont need them as they help hackers to deface your websites or hack the server: To disable these functions you can add following line to /usr/local/lib/php.ini disable_functions = “dl,exec,shell_exec,system,passthru,popen,pclose,proc_open, proc_nice,proc_terminate,proc_get_status,proc_close,leak, apache_child_terminate,posix_kill,posix_mkfifo,posix_setpgid, posix_setsid,posix_setuid,escapeshellcmd,escapeshellarg,shell-exec,fpassthru,crack_check,crack_closedict,crack_getlastmessage, crack_opendict,psockopen,php_uname,symlink,mkdir ,ini_restore,posix_getpwuid,error_log,print_r,scandir,copy,phpinfo,ini_set”   dl exec shell_exec system passthru popen […]

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Intel xeon servers

how to remove folder log files from linux cpanel command

1st check output with following command df -h also du -sh /home/* Go inside this folder /usr/local/apache/logs/ and execute this command rm -rf *_log then go inside this folder /usr/local/apache/domlogs and execute this command rm -rf * then after that go inside this folder /var/lib/mysql/ then check the file names FIRST to not remove the […]

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